10 Ways to Stay Safe As We Return to Work

In the last week or so the national conversation has shifted from sheltering in place to returning to work. Slowly and carefully, but we are opening back up. Now is the time to remain vigilant to the constant threats to your business from ransomware and malicious attacks.

In a recent article, Google stated that since January it has seen a 350% increase in phishing attacks, and they saw more than 18 million daily malware and phishing emails related to COVID-19 scams just in the past week. That’s on top of the more than 240 million daily spam messages it sees related to the novel coronavirus.

And it is not just companies that are getting overwhelmed. According to their own report, the FBI fielded 2,047 ransomware complaints in the U.S. in 2019. In response the crushing load of root cause investigations, the FBI has turned to corporate leaders and cybersecurity insurance carriers to better understand how to stop ransomware attacks.

The best course of action, is to proactively protect your organization from being attacked successfully. Making certain of that is a complex problem that is specific to each company, but we have created some quick tips to help you remember how to keep cybercriminals out of your IT operation.

10 Tips to Keep Cybercriminals Out

  1. Get the Facts. Stay away from the rumor mill and use information from reliable sources to make business decisions in chaotic times.
  2. Think Twice before Clicking Links. Make sure staffers are on the lookout for suspicious links that can lead to ransomware.
  3. Be Suspicious of Unexpected Attachments. Ensure users only open attachments from proven, trusted sources no matter how “official” that attachment looks.
  4. Automate Compliance. Have one less thing to worry about by choosing a dynamic web portal system that keeps track of everything.
  5. Protect those Passwords. Encourage safe password practices like using a password manager and not writing them on sticky notes.
  6. Beware of Strange Networks. Make staffers aware of the dangers of logging in from insecure public and home WiFi networks andhow to use them safely.
  7. Use Two-factor Authentication. An extra layer of security keeps passwords and data safe.
  8. Keep an Eye on the Bad Guys. Monitor the Dark Web to watch for company data so a problem can be addressed before it becomes a crisis.
  9. Stay Current on Threats. Work with a responsive partner that’s on top of today’s challenges.
  10. Ask for Help. Consult a security expert to plan effective strategies and get innovative solutions.

10 Tips to Keep Cybercriminals Out

So, while we seek continued improvements in our collective situations both professional and personal, continue to keep your guard up against ransomware and malicious attacks on your IT operation.

If you would like to learn more about how Montra can help you with these or other security threats, please contact us at info@montra.io.