IT Control of Everything, Everywhere, All at Once

Montra Makes

IT Management

Powerful for Everyone

Montra’s platform, Via, is directly integrated with the software you already use for seamless, efficient, automated workflows from any location, mitigating downtime and security risks

Via automates many of the most critical technology processes in your business including:

Employee Onboarding & Offboarding, Identity Management, and Communication

  • Accelerate the IT onboarding process to improve employee satisfaction
  • Keep employee information accurate across all systems
  • Ensure all employees receive alerts and news quickly and accurately
  • Remove employee access immediately for security and compliance

Device Monitoring and Management

  • See where your devices are, who is using them, and what they are doing 
  • Keep devices updated and protected against security problems

Device Procurement, Warehousing, Field Installations and Returns

  • Simplify the complexity of provisioning and deploying remote devices
  • Manage fleets of devices whether they are in the field or in storage
  • Simplify the complexity of returning devices for repair and managing your inventory of spare units

Security Monitoring and Cyber Compliance Management

  • Stay on top of the security of your people, devices and applications, wherever they are deployed
  • Actively enforce the policies necessary to maintain the cyber-compliance programs that matter to your organization

Examples of the Montra Via in action

Remote Devices

Sports & Entertainment Venues

Remote People

Consulting Workforce Management

Remote Offices

Retail Technology Management

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