Adaptive, context-aware, synchronized security environment from the Cloud to the Desktop Services 

Managed Security Services

The need to protect against information security threats has never been greater. Traditional security challenges—including sophisticated targeted attacks, the erosion of perimeter-centric security models, and extensive regulatory requirements—are now compounded by hybrid enterprise cloud architectures, device proliferation, and dynamically changing networks.

At Montra, we deliver secure IT solutions designed to accommodate a holistic, connected security model that considers both the threats outside the enterprise and the dangers of data loss from within. Our team will build and manage an integrated, consistent, and layered security approach centered around industry-leading solutions to provide you with the most reliable protection for your digital property.

Gain Full Visibility into Your Security Posture

The use of disparate applications and vendors causes less visibility into who is accessing your organization’s data, causing you to lose control of your security and effectiveness at responding to threats. When you trust Montra with your business’ digital protection, you get access to VIA, our single-view platform which shows you the status and history of every device on your network. Whether your network gets breached, Internet is down, or data backups get lost, you have the information you need to immediately respond to any threats right at your fingertips.

Enterprise-level Security Without the Added Complexity

Montra offers a full suite of managed security solutions that protect you from everything from loss of data to the latest malware attack. Our experts can provide everything from the initial design, deployment, and configuration, to ongoing management, monitoring, and reporting for continuous, up-to-the-minute protection.

Business Continuity Planning

Disaster Recovery

Patch Management

Data Loss Prevention

End-device Security

Compliance Management

Dark Web Scanning

SIEM as a Service

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