Checklist for IT Employee Offboarding

Whether an employee leaves a company of their own accord or not, they first must be offboarded to ensure an easy and secure transition from their current role to their next one. IT administrators play a critical role in the offboarding process and must quickly and efficiently off-board the employee to keep business running smoothly. Follow our nine-step checklist to make sure you’re protecting your company’s network and data.

Device RMA Process Infographic

Journey to a Great RMA Process

When making and selling computers, phones, tablets, IoT, or other devices, you know that eventually some of your devices will get returned. Handling the returns in a systematic manner will help your company to keep your business running smoothly. Click to download our Device Return Materials Authorization Process Infographic for our view of what puts your company on a road to a better device RMA process

Employee Information Management Infographic

Employee Information Management in 2022

Employee information management is an important topic for a lot of mid-sized companies, especially those that are experiencing or are planning for a lot of growth. Running efficient on-boarding and off-boarding processes, keeping track of the latest employee information, and maintaining proper access to the right systems and services, are all functions impacted by good employee information management. Click to download our infographic on the top Employee Infromation Management trends in 2022

CMMC Compliance Infographic

CMMC & Cloud Compliance

The Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) is a new and still developing standard for measuring a company’s cybersecurity effectiveness.  CMMC is simply divided into five levels to allow organizations to put measures in place to reach the minimum cybersecurity necessary to protect customer data. The key to success is breaking the compliance process into smaller pieces and setting goals for achieving each level. Working with a company that can help you manage the project and work through implementing the needed security standards can make the process much easier and the likelihood of the success of the program much higher. Click to download our infographic to learn more.