Montra Cyber Readiness 2: Establish Strict Policies and Procedures

October 7, 2020

  1. Have A Cyber Readiness Plan 
  2. Establish Strict Policies and Procedures
  3. Keep Updates — Up to Date
  4. Force Authentication  
  5. Back-Up Everything! 
  6. Don’t Neglect Compliance 
  1. Continuous Network Intelligence
  2. Security Awareness Training 
  3. Combat the Password Crisis
  4. Don’t Skip the Insurance
  5. Reduce Supply Chain Vulnerabilities  
  6. Deploy a Multi-Layer Security Strategy  

This week we are reviewing #2 — Establishing Strict Policies and Procedures. 

Policies and procedures regulate business operations and are essential for defining the standards and expectations of business standards, employee behavior, and workplace actions. While establishing strict, security-focused protocols are crucial, a system of validation and enforcement is equally important. After all, rules without documentation are tribal knowledge.

To help you start developing security-driven policies and procedures for your business, download the 12 IT policy templates.